How To Connect Brother Printer To WiFi?

How To Connect Brother Printer To WiFi?

Connect Brother Printer To WiFi

Brother printers are known for their impeccable hardware, good quality printing and also for the fact that they last for a long period of time. This is something which makes them favourable to the printer market too. They are laden with a lot of features which people prefer. One of the better things about the printers in the market today is the fact that they have the option of being connected with the help of WiFi.

This makes them easy to connect with several devices at once, and printing becomes convenient as well. Which is why the process of how to connect the Brother printer to WiFi has been laid out below for your perusal.

  • Basic setup before connecting

Before even trying to do the setup process, make sure that you have your device setup in the manner as given in the printer manual. This will not only help you print easily but establish a better printing experience for you. You must also make sure that you have a good working internet connection for this too. Because if the internet is not functioning, even connecting the printer will not enable your printing to happen in a proper manner.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you must have your login network key, password and these details before you even start using your printer device.

  • Software installation

Another thing which needs to be done before connecting your device to the internet is to make sure that it first has the printer driver software installed on the printer properly. In the absence of this, the device will not be able to print. This would also mean that all the other requisite printing software needs to be downloaded as well.

Make sure you follow the instructions which will appear on your screen to complete this printer setup. Ensure the hardware is in order, and only then should you proceed to connecting the printer setup to a Wifi network with the help of the steps given below. Accept the license agreements etc. which have been presented as well.

  • Connecting brother printer to WiFi

Make sure that you first connect the printer to the computer with the help of a cable. Select the wireless direct option on your device and then click on it. Change the printer settings according to how you would like to use it too. Ensure that after this you click on the wi-fi button option on your device, and keep it pressed for a little while. This would then require you to release the button after the light has been blinking for a while.

The network settings on your device can also be changed accordingly. If you need the serial number and details of the printer, then you can invert it and find it behind the printer too.

  • Further, make sure that you type in the network key and passcode on the device. This will enable your access into the device. after this you can make sure that you have your printer device ready for use. This will also be right before you can start using the device for printing. Make sure you check the printer settings once again and enable them to suit your needs and requirements. Another thing which you could do is to make sure you conduct a few test print runs and see if it is working properly. And to also check if the changes to the device have been implemented in a proper manner.
  • You also have the WPS method by which you can make the connection between your brother printer and the internet connection. Once the above has been done, your printer will be connected and be ready to print as well. Make sure that a few test print runs are conducted, there is enough paper in the printing tray etc. as well. After this, make sure that you continue to use your device. contact the customer service of brother printers in case of any other problems arising from here.

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