How to Copy and Paste on A Chromebook?

How to Copy and Paste on A Chromebook?

Copy and Paste on A Chromebook

In this digital era, the digital shortcuts are a must. The difference lies depending upon the device like a laptop touchpad. Some shortcuts like copy and paste are being used seemingly on all the universal platforms. The same is true for Chromebook as well. It uses the same copy and paste functions as we use in Windows and Mac.

Although, when it comes to Chromebook, there are a few new methods as well than the traditional Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V. Let’s go through and learn that copying and pasting on a Chromebook is easy and you can learn it quickly.

Copying Text Section

Copying or pasting a text section on a Chromebook is not at all difficult. The method is the same who we perform copy and paste in Windows and Mac operating systems. Follow the given below steps:

Step 1:On your Chromebook, go to your touchpad and use one finger to press down and another one to draw a box, invisible, around the text section you wish to copy. After doing so, release both of your fingers. In case if you are using mouse, then press the button and create a box around the text and once done, release it.

Step 2:Now, for copying the content section, press the Ctrl button along with C on your keyboard. On the other hand, you can also use another method and select Copy on a pop up menu when you right click on a mouse. Now, press the ALT key when tapping on the touchpad or you can tap on the touchpad with both your fingers.

Step 3:For pasting the content, click on the area where you wish to paste the copied content and then press the Ctrl key + V key at the same time. You can also opt for another method by selecting the paste option on the pop up menu after you right click using a mouse. Remember to hit the ALT key when you are tapping on the touchpad.

Copying Image or Videos

Step 1: Take the pointer of your mouse over the video or the picture that you wish to copy then right click. For Chromebooks, you have to press the ALT key along with tapping on the touchpad with a finger or using two fingers for tapping the touchpad.

Step 2:We have explained it in two parts:

  • Image Copying: From the pop up menu, select either Copy Image or Copy Image Address. This URL can be used at certain places like publishing or coding related work, otherwise for general use, copying the image is enough for you.
  • Video Copying: Go to the pop up menu and select either or the three options Copy Video URL or Copy Embed Code or Copy Video URL at Current Time. The embed code or the URL can be used later for linking the video. Only URL is needed for other casual uses.

Step 3:To paste the content, click on the area where you wish to paste the content and then press two keys simultaneously that are Ctrl and V. Other alternative for doing the same is by selecting the Paste option from the pop up menu once you right click from your mouse and then hit ALT key when tapping the touchpad.

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