How to Fix HP Photosmart printer offline

How to Fix HP Photosmart printer offline

A lot of times certain errors can be caused with operation of the HP Photosmart printer. It is usually a rather good printer which helps in efficient copying printing and scanning purposes. It is a multi-purpose device and can be used for several places also including office work. However sometimes there can be errors on the HP Photosmart printer for example when the printer displays the word offline signifying that its printing process is not functional. There are some simple steps one can take to remedy this situation

.• Why does my HP Photosmart printer show offline?

Before proceeding to fix your printer’s offline status, make sure you first find out what the problem behind it is. There can be several reasons because of which the HP Photosmart printer is showing offline. These include ones given below as well, you could scan for possible problems to identity.

  1. There could be an error in the connection between your computer and your HP Photosmart printer.
  2. The cables connected may have some error or may be connected incorrectly.
  3. A paper logjam could also be causing errors ending in displaying HP Photosmart printer offline status.
  4. There could be technical problems relating to the printer driver software which is downloaded from the website of the printer.
  5. Lastly, there could be hardware issues relating to the printer itself as well. It causes problems if the hardware is not working properly in the HP Photosmart printer.
  • How to fix HP Photosmart printer displaying offline status?

There are several steps you could take in this regard, which are given below. However in the case that these steps do not work, one can also consult technicians or contact them from the HP website given. There are many customer service numbers given online for you to fix the problem in that manner.

  1. Check the wires and cables
    Firstly, check if every single wire is connected to the ports and the devices correctly. This could cause printer display errors later. Also check if the computer wires, printer cables and internet cables are connected properly and are also working well. Along with this you could also see if the internet connection is working properly.
  2. Clear the printer’s printing tasks
    Make sure you remove all the queued up printing tasks of your printer and start the printer again for the offline status to go away.
  3. Printer driver related errors
    You could either update the software of your printer driver, and in case this does not work either then you need to reinstall the printer driver once again. Make sure you download the correct software from the website itself.
  4. Manually change settings
    From the printer driver option on your printer, you need to make sure that you change the settings back to online mode on your HP Photosmart printer.

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