How to Setup A Remote Desktop Connection?

How to Setup A Remote Desktop Connection?

Setup A Remote Desktop Connection

Here we have come up with a super quick guide that can help you to setup a remote desktop connection. This feature can be extremely useful and permits you to use and see another desktop screen. It gives you control over the other computer system being connected to your remotely.

Steps for Remote Desktop Connection

  • Turn on both the computer systems.
  • Connect both the systems to the active internet access networks.
  • Now got to the control panel of your system and search for remote in the search box shown on the screen.
  • Right click on your computer screen.
  • Go to properties and hit the remote settings option.
  • Now click on the allow remote assistant connections for starting the connection establishment.
  • Click on the select user option.
  • Now add a new user account by clicking on the Add option.
  • Now, find the IP address of the other system.
  • This can be done by navigating your command prompt.
  • Now you have to type a command and execute it to get the IP address of the other system. The command is ipconfig.
  • Click on the system and security tab.
  • Choose the option called Allow a program through Windows firewall.
  • Click on the change settings.
  • Now you will see a check box given next to the remote desktop, click on it.
  • Next is to click on the ok button.
  • Now, go to the start menu of your system and look for system connecting to the target option.
  • In the search box, type remote desktop.
  • Now, enter the IP address of the remote system you are connecting to.
  • Click on the connect button.
  • Now, enter credentials like user name and the password in the space given at the target system’s remote desktop settings for establishing the connection.
  • Hit the ok button.
  • Now you can login into the target system.

A Detailed Guide on Remote Desktop Connection

If you are using a Mac computer system as your remote system and a Windows desktop as your target system then follow this method.

  • For setting up the remote desktop access on your computer system, activate remote desktop first.
  • Download Microsoft remote desktop from the app store.
  • Click on the get option for downloading the application.
  • After the download is over open the application and select new.
  • For setting up the remote desktop assistant, enter the information you can see on your PC.
  • Enter the IP address along with the PC name and connection name for establishing the remote desktop.
  • All the above mentioned credentials are needed by the computer system for accessing the Windows system.
  • If the system is not protected by the password, you will not be able to connect to it.
  • You now have to save the connection by hitting the red colored X button shown on your computer screen.
  • You can see the new connection after saving it.
  • Now, you have to select this new connection and click on start for letting it connect to the remote system.
  • You will get a warning message on your screen. Please ignore it and hit the continue button to start the connection.

The entire desktop screen on the Windows system will now get loaded on the Mac.

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