Why is MacBook Plugged In But Not Charging?

Why is MacBook Plugged In But Not Charging?

MacBook Plugged In But Not Charging

MacBook chargers can stop working for a variety of reasons. Some of the primary and common reasons have been discussed in this article here. Go over all the options and then try to do a few of them as well.

  • One of the simplest ways in which you can try to remedy this is by making sure that you restart the MacBook first. A lot of issues can get sorted by rebooting of the problem. This also largely ensures that if the charger was not working due to matters relating to overheating of the laptop etc.
  • Or else what can be done is that sometimes when you have been using your device for a long period of time, then the device gets overheated. This leads to a lot of problems including sometimes the charger not working.  Thus, try to halt its usage for a while and then try using it after that.
  • Another thing which one can do is to make sure that they check whether the battery of the device is working properly. If it is not, then you can get to changing the battery of your MacBook for it to function effectively.
  • You must get your MacBook serviced regularly, this can be done on a recurring basis and a proper manner. It also ensures that your laptop  stays in its most perfect condition possible. Keep checking the number of warranty options which you can explore and get servicing done for it.
  • There could also be other possible problems which happen and could lead to this. You can remedy this by checking the hardware of your device. Sometimes a malfunctioning hardware leads to a charger not working.
  • Sometimes a lot of charger issues in the MacBook can happen because of it not being cleaned for a long period of time. One of the basic fundamentals of it is to ensure you always keep your MacBook in a cool, dry place.
  • You must also regularly check for dust and have it cleaned often too. it doesn’t only affect the keys but could also go into the ducts of the charger too. Thus, regular cleaning should be made a priority and done routinely as well. But if there is a problem at hand, then you can take it to a servicing center and get the more intricate ducts cleaned professionally.
  • Now another thing which is commonly heard about a non-functioning MacBook charger is this: the charger usually has two parts to it. And they are also detachable. One can try and test them out individually to make sure that each of these parts are working separately and in tandem.

It will also ensure that if you only have one particular part which is not working, it will end up costing you lesser to replace only one part of it instead of two. Thus, test out both parts of your charger separately and then decide on the issue.

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