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steven salvatoresteven salvatore answered 1 year ago

Most high end printers which are there in the market for customers today are products which work with the help of the WiFi connection. On a number of levels, this makes them more efficient, the amount of time used for printing transferring and other things with the documents reduces, as you can directly transfer and print from any device which you want, so long as you have a WiFi connection.
It makes it simple on a number of levels too. This is what the Canon Pixma TS312 Printer is geared toward, making sure that the customer experience is not only simplified but also elevated, with the use of the WiFi as well as the stellar specifics of the Canon printer itself.
The process to connect the Canon Pixma TS312 Printer to WiFi has been illustrated in the paragraphs below. It is a simple and lucid process, look at all the steps and don’t overlook any as it could lead to larger problems with the functioning or not connect to the internet in a proper manner.’

  1. First off make sure you start your Canon Pixma TS312 Printer after connecting it to the power source.
  2. Now you have to make sure you click on the easy wireless connect option or button on your printer itself.
  3. There will be a light on the printer which will start flashing within a few minutes.
  4. Once this is done, then you can re-press the button and the light will also stabilize and not flicker.
  5. Make sure you download the setup of the Canon Pixma TS312 Printer, which includes the setup software which you can download from the printer website or you might also get to do this through a CD which you receive at the time of purchase as well.
  6. Start the installing process and then click on the requisite permissions which you need to grant.
  7. Once you click on start the setup, the connection method will start to begin.
  8. It will take a couple of minutes for the installation process to complete. You will have to wait while this happens.
  9. Select the name of the printer and router. And then you have to click on OK.
  10. You will also be directed to a page to select any extra required software which you might want to download. And then click on OK.
  11. The user registering page will appear following this and then you have to follow the instructions given there and then click on Ok. Then the process will be done and you can now exit the instructions.
  12. After this, your Canon Pixma TS312 Printer will be connected to the WiFi and you may continue to use it with the help of the internet.
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