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august walkeraugust walker answered 1 year ago

Canon printers are very widely regarded as good quality printers for the kind of printing they produce. Aside from this, the company produces printers which are very long lasting and hardly products. It is rather simple to use the Canon printers as well.
However sometimes it may so happen that the Canon printer may show that it is in an error state. It is despite this not much of an issue when this situation happens with this printer.
There are a number of causes because of which the Canon printer may show error state. Some of them will be discussed in this article below. You have to go over it in detail to see if it applies.
1. Check to see if all the cables are connected properly and the wires are in place as well.
2. The printer could be showing an error due to the problem of it not being connected to the Internet properly. Make sure the computer and the WiFi router are placed in close proximity to one another.
3. The printer error could be happening due to larger hardware and software related issues as
4. You can try to troubleshoot and find put what is the reason behind why this is happening.
5. Check the printing tray to see if the printing paper is fitting the tray and is not different from
the size.
6. Another reason this could be happening is that the printer driver software may have an error. The printer driver needs to be installed and setup properly. Make sure you update the printer driver in case there is an issue which is causing the Canon printer in error state due to this.
7. Make sure you do all the other necessary updates which are required on your device. Sometimes this leads to errors as well. Keep on the lookout for the options for updates popping up on the display and then adhere to it.

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