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august walkeraugust walker answered 1 year ago

The Configuration Problem 0x8007007eis something which occurs when one tries to print their files in a PDF manner. This might also materialize when the settings of your printer have been altered slightly. Another reason why this happens is if some of the printer updates have not been attended to. This article largely covers how one can address this particular configuration error. An uncommon problem, however, can be remedied with the points given below.

  1. First thing you need to do to help with the Configuration Problem 0x8007007e is to make sure that the commands to print are going to the correct printer. Also ensure that your laptop or any other device has been connected to the right printer. There might be issues relating to connectivity should this happen.
  2. Another basic thing which can be done by you is download the required updates, and also ensure you update your operating system.
  3. The printer driver software must be updated regularly as well. The ways to do this are to either download every update which are available, or else you can uninstall and download the driver software all over again. A number of people reported that their Configuration Problem 0x8007007e was resolved owing to the update of their printer drivers.
  4. If the aforesaid options do not help, then you can also try to reboot the printer to see if it works. Check the printer spooler and other hardware additions on the printer too.
  5. Sometimes, resetting the printer is also something which helps. A lot of times in the course of using the printer, the configuration of settings can get damaged. To restore the settings back to normal, you need to go to the control panel and manually change it.
  6. You can also clear the printer queue and then start to print from scratch again. Once you have done the above step of making sure the printer settings are back to what they used to be, you can now alter the printing queue to ensure the directions are now being granted under new instructions and then continue to print.

These should usually help address the problem of Configuration Problem 0x8007007e, aside from checking from the basic connection wires/ routers etc.

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