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Sometimes in the process of using your computer, you might come across some issue on your screen. One of the common problem which arises in this is the sentence HP Fax Error 388 display on the screen. When this shows on the device, it means that there is some issue in the operation of the device and it needs to be fixed.

It is not a difficult situation to manage as it can be fixed by the users on their own with the help of a guide line on how to fix the HP Fax Error 388 on their device. Make sure that this guide is followed in a step by step manner and each of the options is adhered to as well. It is important to do this to make sure the users can fix it on their own.

Before trying to fix the entire process as it may cause larger issues on their device, you have to first find out the reasons behind why your device is showing the HP Fax Error 388 display. It is important to find out the reason behind the device causing this error so that it becomes more simple to fix the issue after that.
• Reasons behind why there is display of HP Fax Error 388 on your device screen
1. It could be displaying a HP Fax Error 388 because of some outdated software on your device. A lot of devices usually send you notifications of when the new updates of software is available and should be downloaded. Make sure you download the new software to prevent this error.
2. There could be a HP Fax Error 388 because of some virus or malware on your device which is causing this display to happen.
3. There could also be some error in the operation of the device itself.

• How to fix when there is HP Fax Error 388 display on your device
1. You could go to the control panel option on your computer and from there move on to checking for a fax test on your device to make sure that it is functioning well.
The fax report will be available to you in a while and will reveal the issue behind this error. This will usually reveal to you the root cause because of which there is HP Fax Error 388 on your device as well.
2. If there is fax error on display right now, then try using the fax service a little later. You could also try switch off the system and connect it once again. Make sure you do this and try after a little period of time to use the fax service.
3. This error could be happening due to a lack of power source to your device. You have to make sure that your device is connected to the power source in a proper manner. If it is not, then ensure it is receiving power from another entity that ensures it runs smoothly.
4. You can also make sure that all the other devices, routers and cables are put in place and there is no snag in the wires. Once this is done, your fax error will more or less be solved.

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