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Chang T. MarilynChang T. Marilyn answered 1 year ago

Dell printers are fast coming up as a viable option to use in terms of the quality. You can usually use this for a lot of different spaces like homes as well as professional business requirements. It meets the needs of different types of customers.
Because of this being a trusted brand, a lot of people prefer to buy Dell printers. The good thing about it is also the fact that it operates using a wireless network. This makes work convenient on a lot of levels for people.
It makes the need for extra ancillary wires redundant and works to the benefit of the people using it. Make sure that you follow the below given steps to find out how to setup the Dell Printer to Wireless Network connection.
It is rather simple to do this and make sure all the details are in place.
1. First when you are unboxing this printer make sure you keep the USB cable and other devices properly.
2. Setup the printer and connect to power source and plug in all the important slots and devices.
3. Make sure you use the USB cable to connect the printer with your computer device which will recognize your printer as well. This has to be done as the first thing.
4. Now after this has been done, go to the wireless setup option on your computer and ensure you select this.
5. Once you have done this then move on to selecting the wireless network which you want to connect your printer to.
6. The printer will usually locate for the list of networks to show up and out of the options you have to pick the one you have to connect to.
7. You also have the option of using the WPS cable if you can do this.
8. Once you have done all this, then make sure you do a test run of printing to check if the printer has been connected to the wireless network or not. 

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