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HP printer is a premium brand of printers which is there is the market today. It has been a dependable brand for a long period of time and owing to its vast reach it makes it easier for one to solve problems which happen with HP printers too.

This is the reason due to which the HP fax error code 344 can also be fixed very easily and what is being covered through the course of this article.

A number of times what happens while using HP printers is that you can receive the fax but are not able to send it in a proper manner. Then you know that the HP fax error code 344 could have taken place. This is not a situation to worry because it can easily be fixed. Make sure you look at the steps which have been given below and follow them properly.

A lot of times this error can also happen due to incorrect or improper reading of the fax sent, or the fax may not be able to be sent at all. Largely, given below are some things you may try on your own to remedy the HP fax error code 344. However should all this not help either, then you need to go over to HP help centre or customer help centers and get their aid. There are also a lot of HP printer shops across the world to go to for help on the HP fax error code 344.
1. Try to disconnect the call-in line and then set it up again for the HP fax system to start working again.
2. Sometimes what happens is that if your transmission speed is high, the fax error happens. So once you lower this and then attempt to send one, it could get fixed too.
3. You could try and change all your settings to become normal again, in case you have unknowingly altered any settings, this will end up fixing it.

4. A simple solution which has seemed to work for a lot of people is that they reboot all the connected devices and set them up again for them to work.

5. Sometimes there may just be a large amount of line disturbance because of which the HP fax error code 344 is happening, so you could try to wait for some time and let this external problem fix its own self.

6. There could also be the issue of the error connection mode being enabled. Make sure you go to settings and disable this.

7. Also check in the settings option if you have enabled all the options which are needed for sending or receiving fax.

8. In some cases, the HP fax error code 344 has fixed itself when the printer driver has been updated as well.

9. This is important to keep updating the driver software, else some of the actions might be restrained.

10. Make sure you are up to date on software updating in general as well, else it could affect your HP printer leading to HP fax error code 344.

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