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logan Smithlogan Smith answered 1 year ago

The Chromebook, as has become popular it is the operating system Chrome which is available on numerous devices and computers nowadays. It is very popular and is gaining ground among a large number of people as well.
It can be used in a very simple manner and in fact its usage is by a lot of people. Sometimes, it might so happen that while scrolling on the Chrome web pages, you chance upon something of which you have to take a printout of. This is now possible with the help of any printer which supports a wireless internet connection method.
To get a print out from the Chromebook is a very simple process. You have to make sure however that you have a printer which supports wireless connect setup or any other wired network setup. Otherwise it will not be able to print out from the Chromebook.
1. First make sure that your device is connected to an internet connection. Also ensure that this is working properly and functioning at a fast speed. You have to make sure that the printer is connected to an internet connection.
2. After this make sure you click on Control P and then either a downward box shows up with the option to select which printing device you want to print the page from.
3. Either this, or there may be a default printer setup where the option then only shows print. Click on the print option here.
4. You can also for future purposes add a default printer to the setup on Chromebook by going to advanced in the settings and then selecting the printers option.
5. From there, select the option which is the printing device which you have to set as your default printing device on the chromebook.
6. In the option of a lot of printers, you can also make sure you connect the printer physically to your computer or device. This is usually with the help of a USB cable which is available with the printer itself at the time of purchase.
7. Or else a USB cable can also be purchased at a nearby computer store as well. It is a simple process to connect and setup to chromebook using this task.
8. Following this you can make sure that you follow the same process which is given above to print using your printer on the chromebook.
9. You can also try to follow this method a few times to see if it works for your device. Sometimes the specifics might slightly differ depending upon the device in question.
10. Make sure that you follow the above steps with care and in case there are errors, follow through all of them again properly.

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