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Nowadays, millions of applications are scrolling on various platforms. Few separate types of categories of these applications are rapidly growing in this era, like entertainment, games, social media, beauty, etc. In this era, you can find a separate single application for your specific purpose, and most of the time, you don’t have to go anywhere because you need only an app to do what you want.
Most of the Mobile Applications are taking the place of other Hardware. Like it is not necessary to use MS Office applications on your computer system, now, you can use MS Office applications also on your Smartphone. It means that you can manage your work-spreadsheets or can create documents just on your Smartphone.
Most of the Organizations are rapidly coming in the era of Smartphone applications because most of the people have their Smartphone as humans can’t carry a massive in size equipment for a specific purpose, so it becomes straightforward for a human to carry a single Smartphone for multiple purposes. Nowadays, no need to carry a camera, diary, pocket watch, radio, etc. because of an effective Smartphone that has so many capabilities at once place.
Similarly, your Smartphone’s Camera can work as a Scanner. 
For example, you have to scan a document which is basically a bank form, and you have to submit this form digitally on your bank’s website, but your Scanner is not functioning well so how will you scan this document, now, on this situation your Smartphone can handle this situation.
For these kinds of obstacles in your work, most of the organizations are developing several types of Smartphone applications that can handle your scanning situation.
Three Efficient Techniques to Scan without Scanner
It looks like impracticable to scan your documents without having a scanner. For those people who are facing this impossible task, three efficient techniques are available for them to Scan without Scanner anywhere at any time. 
Technique 1: Scan Without Scanner on android using Google Drive
If you are an Android user, so Google is introduced an application for Android devices that is Google Drive, by default if it is not pre-installed in your Smartphone then download it from the Google Play Store to proceed further.

  1. Open the Google Driveapplication in your Smartphone.
  2. To scan the documents, tap on the “+” button accessible at the lower-right corner.
  • The Menu will slide up from the bottom of the screen then click on the “Scan” option
  1. If it asks to access your Smartphone’s camera, then don’t hesitate to permit it; just tap on Allow to scan your document.


  1. Now, snap a picture of your document by tapping on the blue capture button, if you want to add some light due to low lightning factor, then tap on the flash icon, and if your Smartphone doesn’t support a flash, then this option will not be accessible.


  1. After scanning the document, an immediate preview will appear on the screen of your Smartphone, and now this is the time to make some modifications to your snap. Tap on the crop tool to crop your snap according to your needs.
    1. Drag the blue dots to take forward the required area of the snap accord to your needs.
    2. Once you have done this, tap on the checkmark accessible in the lower-right corner of your Smartphone’s screen.
  • Now, immediate three options will appear on the bottom of your screen.
    1. To scan more pages, tap on the plus icon.
    2. To undo your changes, tap on the circular arrow accessible in the middle.
    3. To upload the document and finish the task, click on the checkmark icon.
  • You can also make more modifications on your snap, like to change the color of your snap, tap on the painter icon accessible in the upper right corner. By default, the best color of your snap is always chosen by the scanner.
  1. To delete, rotate, and rename the scanned snap, tap on the three dots that seem to be in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. By default, Google Drive adds the scanned documents in a PDF format, like “Scanned_date-time.pdf” After uploading, to rename, move, or delete the scanned document, tap on the three dots accessible to the right of the file’s name.


  1. Now, you can share your scanned document or the link of it by tapping on the three dots next to the file’s name, click on the share linkor send a copy option and share it where you want.

Technique 2: Snap a picture from your Smartphone and convert into any Extension.
Nowadays Smartphone digital cameras are more advanced than ever as it can work like flatbed scanners or integrated scanners; you can snap a picture of a small in text document like a receipt, business cards, etc. and can share it on any platform.
It becomes difficult to scan a massive in text document with a Smartphone camera due to factors like distortion, reflections, shadows, variation in light, and blur because of unstable hands that speculate the shaking factor of the camera, which makes it challenging to read a document.
However, scanning a document with a Smartphone digital camera have its own advantages of portability, speed, ease, and, most important, you can scan your document anywhere at any time.
Technique 3: Scanning through Scanner Apps – One of from Best Ways
One of the best ways to Scan without Scanner is to use a Scanning Application that provides step further options to modify and edit the text of your scanned documents. Most of the type of these applications are free to use that has the ability to convert your scanned text into an editable document or PDFs.
Applications like Evernote, PDF Scanner Pro, and DoScan lets you scan your documents like bills, letters, receipts, books, business cards, and contracts right from your Smartphone’s digital camera and the scanned documents are created digitally exactly same as the flatbed or dedicated scanner.
Advantages of Scanning through Scanner Applications

  • Portable: Doesn’t need to carry massive types of equipment to scan the documents. Turn your Smartphone into a scanner and scan your documents, receipts, bills, business cards, or any paper wherever you want at any time.
  • Modification Enabled: Modify the scanned documents as per your requirements. You can create high quality, brilliantly clear scans, or do changes related to contrast, lighting, and add filters to make it look like professional that are demanding in business.
  • PDF Generator: You can convert your scanned receipts, bills, business cards, or any document into PDF format, and the PDF files can be converted into other extensions through several applications according to your needs.
  • Easy to Share: These types of applications have an in-built feature to share your scanned document to multiple platforms.
  • OCR Enabled: These applications come with the functionality of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) that can instantly convert your snaps into the text effectively.
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