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ethan jurkethan jurk answered 2 years ago

The good thing about Canon printers is their compatibility with most devices. Along with being mighty efficient, durable and dependable devices, they are also versatile in the sense that one can now print by connecting printers to a host of devices.
Canon printers are also available in the wireless format. What the wireless characteristic does is that it makes it all the more easier to use these printers. They can be placed wherever at ease, operated from most places. The hassle of wires and cords does not arise in these cases either.
So long as one is in possession of a Wi-Fi connection, one can connect their various devices to a wireless printer and print.
The wireless printer can easily connect with all kinds of devices including phones, tablets, and laptops. The canon printer setup is rather adaptable in this manner.

• Simple steps to connect the wireless Canon printer to your laptop:
1. Connect USB Cable to printer
For starters, you have to make sure that your printer is switched off. After this what you need to do is connect the USB cable into the printer’s connecting port. Or in cases of some printers there could be a panel where the connecting cable is to be inserted.
The USB cable is usually available when one purchases the printer itself. If not, then one can refer to any usual computer store or order it online. Any standard while suitable for both the devices would do. However, look up specifications if your particular printer requires a certain kind of cable. This is important.
2. Connect USB cable to laptop
The other end of the USB cable is to be connected into the wire port on your laptops. This, for most laptops is usually located in the sides of the dashboard. Several ports for cables are there. This is where you plug in the other end of the cable.
3. Download printer driver
now, after this you have to go online and direct yourself to the Canon printer website and look for specifications on your model and type of printer. After this, proceed to downloading the printer driver from the website.
Note: remember to look up the exact specifications of your model number and type of Canon printer to download the correct printer driver. This could otherwise cause unnecessary errors later in the process.
4. Go to Control Panel
then head over to your laptop screen again. Your laptop will have automatically recognized a new device being plugged in. Now head over to the Users, and then the Control Panel on your laptop.
5. Go to Devices/Printers
You will have numerous options being displayed. Click on the Hardware and Sound dialog box. This will lead you again to a set of options, out of which you have to pick the Devices and Printers option.
6. Add a new printer
Out of the options given, now click on the ‘Add a new printer’ button, after this make sure you only pick the locally available printer option.
7. Pick your port
then a list of the devices connected via different panels on the computer will be displayed. You have to pick the panel in which you connected the USB cable.
8. Select your Canon printer
there could be a couple of options available, but out of which you have to pick the name of the Canon printer model which you are trying to connect your laptop to. A dialog box appears, and you grant it permission to proceed, and give other requisite permissions to aid your connection.
9. Grant permissions
You will also get a dialog box which asks whether the Canon printer connected to your laptop is to be allowed operation by any other devices in the vicinity. Other requisite dialog boxes with permissions follow. Allow/deny permissions based on your needs or specifications related to your task.
10. Canon Printer as the Default Printing
You could also set your Canon printer as the default printing machine connected to your laptop through this process. This will enable you to skip the entire process mentioned afore when you connect the wireless Canon printer to your laptop the next time.
Once all these requisite steps are followed, a final dialog box appears. Upon clicking on ‘Finish’ in the right side corner of this dialog box, the process of connecting your wireless Canon printer to your laptop ceases and you can now proceed to your printing work without any further delay.
We would in fact recommend making the printer your default setting for printing related work so as to avoid a series of steps every single time a connection has to be established.

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