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John TaylorJohn Taylor asked 2 years ago

My HP Printer Showing offline, please suggest me how to fix this.

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logan Smithlogan Smith answered 2 years ago

Is your printer showing offline even after being connected to an active network? Are you getting tired of fixing the printer offline error? Do not worry as in this blog we will help you to rectify as well as fix the HP printer offline issues for your windows 10 device.
At times the printer is shows online however the PC it is connected to shows offline while printing, it is a very common situation, and in fact the best way to fix it is through troubleshooting. You can simply refer to the basic troubleshooting steps below and fix the offline error with ease. 
Troubleshooting steps to fix the HP printer offline (Windows 10)

  1. In the very beginning press window icon on the keyboard of your computer. 
  2. Next on search box bar type troubleshooting steps 
  3. Now you would see Option, click on it.
  4. After this you would get the options which says ‘hardware and network’, you need to select it.
  5. Next Click on the printer option which appears on the screen. 
  6. Finally click on run the program to complete. 

By following these simple yet effective troubleshooting steps you can easily troubleshoot your HP printeroffline issue. In case if your printer still does not work or still continues to show offline then you need to check for the driver, as there may be some issue with the driver. It can be easily resolved by uninstalling the corrupt driver and reinstalling the correct one. All these could be easily done by following the below mentioned steps:
Steps to fix the HP printer driver error 

  1. First of all press the windows icon button on the keyboard.
  2. Next go to the control panel and select the devices and printers options 
  3. After this right click on the printer icon that appears on the screen, make sure you check the printer model number.  
  4. Next go to 123.hp.com home page, and on the search bar type in the model number of your HP printer.
  5. You would see an array of drivers displayed on the screen, choose the most appropriate one and click download.
  6. After this you need to answer few questions pertaining to your printer that you are using.
  7. At the end complete the activation and registration of your printer.

Hope this blog helps you in resolving your HP Printer offline issues for your Windows 10 device, in-case if you are still facing issues, then you can visit our website 123.hp.com for further information. Our high end skilled technicians are available 24×7 to assist you with all your queries and concerns related to your HP printers and would be more than happy to help you.

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