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steven salvatoresteven salvatore answered 2 years ago

Belkin routers are used to establish connections between multiple peripheral devices in a single bounded network. Sometimes, the user has to face a few glitches such as setting a Belkin router password after resetting it, router updating issue, and not able to update the firewall to its newer version.
To fix this issue, follow these steps to setup your Belkin router:
• Connect your computer to a Belkin router using a LAN cable. If your Belkin router is Wi-Fi enabled, then connect it to your computer by following the Network Key of your Belkin router.
• Now, open your browser with a new tab, type an IP address as in the search address bar of the tab and then press Enter on your keyboard.
• Click on the Login button accessible in the top right corner. Login with the current Network Key, if you are logging the first time, then leave the password section as blank and proceed further by clicking on the submit button.
• Go to the Utilities section:
           o Click on the Restore Factory Default option accessible on the left side of the Belkin router screen. This will reset the                       Belkin router to its default Network Key.
          o Click on the System settings in order to secure your Belkin router with a new Network Key.
• Enter your current Network Key into the “Type in current password” section. If you are a new user, then leave this section as blank. Enter your new Network Key into the “Type in new password” and “Confirm new password” sections and then click on the “Apply Changes” button.
• Go to the bottom of the page and click on the “Apply Changes” button in order to save all the new settings made by you along with the new Network Key.
Note: Remember, if you forget your Belkin router’s Network Key and want to change it, then go to the Factory Default settings section and select the Hard Reset option in your Belkin Router.

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