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Canon is one of the most popular printer companies in the world today. It is a company headquartered in Japan, but functions across the world. Canon printers are known for their quality and efficiency. It also has numerous options of printers to choose from, along with wireless printers as well. It combines good technology with good rate of printing delivery for the customers. The printing speed is fast, hence helping in cases where the printer is used in office locations. And different types of models are available as well, from the larger ones for office spaces and smaller ones to be placed at homes or desks.
However, a lot of times situations can arise where your Canon printer is showing offline status instead of online. This could be due to a lot of reasons. This technical glitch can be fixed by the help of few steps which will be highlighted in the article below. However in case of further problem, the website of Canon can be referred to.
Problems relating to the Canon printer going offline have been put up on the website. You can also post your queries and have then reverted back by Canon printer technicians soon. Their responsiveness to customer problems like changing Canon printer from offline to online are very fast as well.

  • What does it mean when your Canon printer shows offline instead of online?

When your Canon printer shows the note offline and not online this means that your Canon printer is not responding to any steps which are being directed to it by a computer. It is not conducting any printing or taking any printing exercises.
This could happen due to a lot of reasons. Some common reasons are going to be covered here. It will help to locate the reason for this happening as it will help in fixing the Canon printer from going online again.

  1. If there is excess amount of paper jamming situation in the printing area of the printer then it can cause a glitch and stop working. This is called in technical terms as a priner logjam.
  2. Problems with the wire or a USB connection could also cause glitching in the Canon printer and cause it to show offline status instead of online. Make sure you check all the wires which are connecting devices
  3. Another problem because of which an offline status is shown could be due to there being either no internet connection or the internet connection being unstable. So in case your Canon printer shows offline, you could check if it is working.
  4. There could also be some issue with the settings of your printer which is causing your printer to display an offline problem. Go over the network settings and configuration of your printer properly to make sure it is okay.
  • How to fix when Canon printer shows offline instead of online?

Now that you have zeroed in on what possible problems your canon printer could be having, now you have to make sure that you fix these issues. There are several steps you can take in this direction. Make sure you follow this for your canon printer to show online again.

  1. Check whether your canon printer is paired with your computer properly. If the connection between your printer and your computer are having problems then you need to fix it. This could be done by checking all the wires or network connection between the two devices.
  2. Printer driver issues also need to be checked again. At the outset, have you installed the printer driver? Make sure if you installed it. After this you have to ensure that you installed the correct printer driver for your canon printer. For this you have to make sure you downloaded the printer software for the model of your printer itself. Any other printer’s downloaded software would cause glitch in the system.Possible solutions for this could be either restarting your device if your printer driver is correctly installed but not working  well. Or else you could also try removing your printer driver and installing it again 
    A lot of times there could also be issues regarding the offline status when the software is not updated either. Make sure you update your software.
  3. Another issue could be the fact that the printer spooler is not working. Check the printer spooler and once this is fixed check if your printer status has changed from offline to online again.
  4. You could also try troubleshooting the errors on your printer and fix them accordingly.
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