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Nowadays the option of bluetooth printing is available in almost all printers functioning. The
customers are thus given a wide range of options to choose from, as several high quality brands
also offer this concept of bluetooth printing.

This idea makes it very easy to use the printer, shift it from one place to another as well. It
becomes very convenient to use them without extra wires and implements.
Be it if you are working from home or working from an office, either way it is an advantage to
make sure you have a printer which is working with the help of a bluetooth setup. There are
also numerous ranges and features available in the printers to choose from. This makes the
availability even larger for customers.
You can connect most printers with bluetooth now, thus the instructions which are given below
are also generic and apply to most printers which have this feature in them.
• How to configure bluetooth printing for your Windows 10?

1. For the first step make sure that you go into the search bar of your Windows device and then
go to the search settings in it.
2. Once you have done this, then make sure you type in devices and printers or printers and
scanners- whichever option is available on your specific printing device. Make sure you select
this option and then click on it.
3. After this make sure you switch on your printing device and also ensure that it is connected to
all the wires and cables which it should be connected to. The printing tray and other things need
to be working as well.
4. When you usually buy a printer, you get a manual along with the purchase. Refer to the manual
and make sure you connect your printer to the WiFi connection.
5. Note how the process to connect each printer to the internet is a different one so you have to
change according to the brand of printer which you are using.
6. Make sure once your printer is connected and setup properly, then you go over to the printers
and scanners option again.
7. From among the options there, you have to pick the option to add a new printer. Ensure you
add the correct printer, and do not have a lot of other connected devices or it could cause
8. Once you have chosen the printer you want to connect, then go to the option which says Add
device and follow the process to add it.
9. If the printer isn’t being recognized then there could be some error causing this. Make sure
that your printer has been set to default from the options given to you. Check the printing tray,
check the settings of the printer as well. There could be a connection error causing this issue for
your printer.
10. Make sure you have a printer driver software has been downloaded and installed.
11. In case of errors, try and update the software on your device or even update your printer
driver software.
Another thing you could try is turning off your device and switching it on again to see if it
12. Lastly if there are any more larger errors which happen, then make sure you contact the
helpline of the brands of devices which you are using the printers of. You can find a local
dealership nearby willing to help you as well. This will be of utmost help.

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