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Brother printers are known for their cost saving techniques in the printing business. They are efficient and productive. Though it may be little difficult to set up in the beginning, brother printers are actually worth the money due to their printing quality, fast print time and ease of use. It also handles a large volume of printing very well.
Most people prefer the Brother printers because of their ability to print a large amount at one time. However, the only thing a little complicated with these printers is that they are a little complex to set up. But this can also be fixed by following certain steps.
• How can one set up Brother wireless printer to your MAC computer?
Note that irrespective of the following given points which help you connect Brother wireless printer to the MAC, you can also call the customer care of Brother printers and ask them to help in setting up the printer.
However, this is not necessary but if required technicians can also be called to set it up. You can also follow the steps given below and try to connect your Brother wireless printer to the MAC computer on your own.
• First, connect the Brother printer to your wireless connection
1. In the beginning, you have to make sure you have the password key to the network or the Service Set Identifier (called SSID).
2. Now head over to either the menu option on your printer, or the settings or an option which says printer control panel.
3. You have to locate an option which is called the network settings of the device.
4. After you do this, your printer will start searching for all the available wireless networks that it can connect with.
5. Once this is done, a list of options show up on your printer screen. You have to pick the wireless connection which you want to connect your Brother printer to, and then click on that option to connect to the network.
6. It will ask you for the password before the connection is made. Type in the password or ID.
7. A dialog box appears and you have to now click ‘OK’. Your Brother printer will now be connected to the wireless connection. However in cases where the wireless connection is not available, you will need to connect your Brother printer with the help of a cable or wires, whichever is convenient.

• After this, you connect your Brother printer to the MAC wirelessly
1. For this, you have to go to the website of the Brother printers and download the printer driver for your particular model. Once you go to the website, locate the printer driver depending on the type of model and device. This is the first step to connect Brother Printer to MAC wirelessly.
2. Once the software is downloaded on your computer, then move on to successfully installing the software on your MAC device. This involves opening the software in downloads, following the dialog boxes that pop up, granting the required permissions and only then is your software properly installed. This completes the process of installing the printer driver on your MAC.
3. Things to keep in mind here are to download the correct printer driver, otherwise it will cause error later and the printer will not function.
4. Once the software is downloaded, then go to the Wireless device setup wizard option and click on it. There might be some boxes which show, asking for permissions etc. respond to the dialog boxes before you proceed.
5. If the dialog box asks you for whether or not you possess a USB wire, you can click on yes and use it as a temporary measure to connect your Brother printer.
6. Then the wireless networks which your MAC is connected to will be shown. Once you choose the required network, you will be asked to type in the password for the same.
7. Once you take the USB wire, then connect one end of it to the MAC computer and the other end into the Brother printer.
8. A list of networks will show up in front of you, you are to select the one you want to connect with, and type in the password to it.
9. When the printer gets connected too, then remove the USB cable as it is no longer needed.
10. The printer driver will now get installed and your printer will also get connected to the MAC computer. If the printer does not view the name of your device, go to the System option within the Apple sign on your computer, and check within the printers and scanners option.
11. A list of printers will be viewed and you can see if your printer is present there. Right click on the name of the printer you want connected. Make sure it is the correct device which is being selected.
12. In case the printer is displaying some errors, you can troubleshoot to find out printer errors on your Brother printer.
Conclusively, largely these are the basic steps you can use to connect Brother printer to MAC wirelessly.

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