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Wireless connectivity is a most convenient mode of connectivity as it allows you to connect a Canon Printer to Wi-Fi. Canon Printer is easy to connect and setup with several other devices. Even you don’t require technical professionals to connect your printer to various peripherals. You can easily Connect Canon Printer to Wi-Fi and print your documents by setting up the resolution. If your Canon Printer is Wi-Fi enabled, then you can follow these steps to connect your printer to a wireless network.
Easy Steps to Connect Canon Printer to Wi-Fi
After following these steps properly, you will be able to Connect Canon Printer to Wi-Fi. The connecting process is easy and quick. If you face any issues while connecting your Canon Printer to a wireless network, then you can follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned here to resolve the connectivity issues. The connecting process can slightly vary according to the model number of your Canon Printer. Ensure that your Wi-Fi is switched on and doesn’t create any network issues while establishing a connection.
• Turn on your printer by pressing the power button.
• Press the Settings button. Go to the Device Settings section using the arrow buttons then press OK.
• Select the Lan Settings menu and press the OK button.
• Use the arrow buttons to find the Wireless Lan Setup option, select it, and then press OK.
• Your Canon Printer will start to search available Wi-Fi networks, and the light begins to blink on the printer.
• If too much time is wasting while searching available Wi-Fi networks, press the Stop button, then you will redirect to the Wireless Lan Setup, Standard Setup option. Press the OK button.
• Select your Wi-Fi network using arrow buttons and then press the OK button.
• Enter the Security Key or Password of your Wi-Fi and press OK.
• When the screen of printer prompts that “Connected”, then press the OK button.
Simple Step Guide to Install Canon Printer on Computer
After connecting Canon Printer to a Wi-Fi, now it is a must to Install Canon Printer on Computer.
• Press the Window + R key simultaneously on your keyboard.
• Type Control in the search box visible next to Open and click on the OK button.
• Go to the Devices and Printers section and then click on Add a printer option.
• Follow the on-screen instructions to add the Canon Printer on your computer.
Now, your Canon Printer is connected to the computer as well as Wi-Fi. Try to print a test copy of your document.
Troubleshooting Steps for Fixing Cannon Printer Connectivity Issues
When your Canon Printer stops working, prompts error messages, displays weird notifications, and the printer doesn’t print whenever you send it a print command, even when your printer is turned on. There can be various reasons why a canon printer stops working. Either the Print Spooler is disabled in Services.msc, the printer driver is not updated, or there can be some issues with setting up the software.
Installing and Updating Printer Driver
• Ensure to check automatic updates of the printer driver, or manually update the printer driver, but this process is time-consuming.
• Automatic updates are more preferred as it finds compatible drivers for your Canon Printer.
• Open the Control Panel window on your computer.
• Go to the Device Manager.
• Get access to the Printers section and click on the Update Driver option.
• It automatically starts to search compatible driver updates for your printer and installs it on your computer.

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