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Chang T. MarilynChang T. Marilyn answered 1 year ago

The Canon Pixma G2000 printer is an option which is a very good one among the printers which can be seen in the market nowadays. You will have the availability of a number of different types of features to choose from. Along with this, there is also the option of opting for good quality of printing and scanning and copying.
However like in the best of printers, there is also the option given in the Canon Pixma G2000 printer to have the option of faxing from the printer itself. This option can be opted for by people and users who have bought this printer as well.
This is one of the good things about using a device like the Canon Pixma G2000 printer, which is suitable for so many purposes and as well as for fax and scan as well. This can be one of the good features available on your device too.
The Canon Pixma G2000 printer is a very lucid to use device so the user will not have to worry about the process becoming more complicated either. The process to fax from my Canon Pixma G2000 printer have to first be explained to the user in a very detailed manner and from this the clear instructions have to be taken and followed.
There are some steps which you can follow to make sure the process of how to fax from the Canon Pixma G2000 printer are clear to you as well. These steps are easy to follow and you can make sure to adhere to it to the last bit as well.
Make sure you look at each and every bit of it and then follow through the whole document as well. This is a very simple process. You will also find a number of tutorials available on the topic of how you can fax from your Canon Pixma G2000 printer properly. The steps will be covered in detail in case you should need it.
However the options which have been given below to fax from your Canon Pixma G2000 printer are also covered in a proper manner and can be done by most users in a detailed way.

  • How to fax from your Canon Pixma G2000 printer?
  1. You can easily use the platen given on your Canon Pixma G2000 printer to scan whatever document or other thing which can be suitable for the fax process.
  2. In this process as part of it, the first thing which has to be done is that the document or particular thing which has to be scanned needs to be put in the place called the platen.
  3. Make sure that the particular object being scanned has been put in the platen properly and the position has been arranged in a good manner as well.
  4. This is the first important step and now you have to move forward to the other ones once you have done this. Make sure you do this accurately.
  5. Your document has to be given onto a printer which has first been properly setup and connected too.
  6. Make sure that the wires of the printer are working. Before you do the original scanning, you can also do a trial round to see if the fax from your Canon Pixma G2000 printer is working properly.
  7. Ensure there is internet connection too, and the cables etc. have been plugged in for proper usage.
  8. What you have to do now from this point is that you have to enable the IJ utility scan on your device right away. And do this properly and in a phased way.
  9. Now you have to go to the option which says settings. From this ensure you select the option which says documents. Here you can ensure you alter the paper size and other details as per the necessary standards.
  10. The resolution etc. can be changed on your device properly depending on what it is that you want altered.
  11. After this, make sure that you click on the option which is saying document in the given below. Once you click on this the process of fax begins.


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