HomeCategory: QuestionsHow to fix a Dell Inspiron Laptop that Won’t Boot into Windows, Gets Stuck on Black Screen During Bootup.
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sammer marksammer mark answered 1 year ago

Now the Dell Inspiron laptop that gets stuck is a usual problem which most users face when using the laptop is that when using this laptop the screen becomes black and stops working. What is to be done in this scenario has been given given through the course of this article.

Make sure you follow the steps given below and it will fix the issue which has been illustrated above.

  • The most important thing which you can do firstly is that restart the computer. Do not continue to use it if the screen displays a black screen. Make sure you start the device all over again.


  • Even if you start it again, make sure to start it only in the safe mode. This will help in operation if it does.


  • It could also be a larger software issue problem so make sure you do the troubleshooting accordingly. If required then you also do the customer service contacting or refer to the experts for some help so that it is better diagnosed.


  • It could be an antivirus issue as well. One thing you could do is to set your settings back to the normal settings and then move accordingly.


  • Check whether all the ancillary parts of your device are put together properly. Make sure you have paper lodged in rtc


  • Also the printer driver problem could be causing your black screen as well. Make sure it is an updated version and then work with it.


  • Download the correct software and move forward. This might help you in fixing it.
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