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The printer works, but the printouts are missing black or the HP printer not printing black. It could be little white, or low on ink. It is a widespread problem. But, that doesn’t mean that you need to change the entire cartilage, the printer, the roller, or the pages. There might be some technical issues or internal problems which you can fix quickly. This particular low ink issue can be resolved by only adapting to authentic HP cartridges.HP recommends using original HP toner or ink supplies. HP cannot guarantee the quality or reliability of cartridges manufactured by or refurbished.
It is a widespread problem
Yes. It is true. When the HP wireless printer is not printing, it is no reason to be in despair. Several problems can occur. And that we can correct before seeking technical assistance. Often, the problem can be with the system itself or with the connection to the computer. To make your life easier, we will spend some critical information in this article about printing failures and how to correct them. The following are some problems that may occur when the printer is not printing.
Some common issues with blank prints
After months without using the printer, you decide to print an article to read during the break between your classes. Without knowing the reason, you realize that the HP printer is not printing, and papers are coming out blank or blurred. The problem here is the time without using it. It dried the ink, blocking its exit. To solve, use a paper towel slightly moistened until the dry ink comes out. When it comes to an inkjet printer, you need to take a look at whether the cartridges have been placed correctly and whether or not they have ink. A common thing to forget is to remove the plastic strip from the print cartridge, which prevents ink from escaping. Besides, if you use remanufactured cartridges, the printer may show an incorrect ink level. Try printing with one of the rounds in the case of a color printer. It may be that the cartilage is just having a problem.
Check the printer application
When the printer delivers you lower ink print, there may be a failure in the software, which may fail or interface with the print driver in the wrong way. To check the software, open it, and resend a print job. If the queue hangs again, try printing from Notepad to see if the problem is the application or the driver. If the printer works with Notepad and not the app, you must reinstall the application. If still the HP printer not printing, it is necessary to seek technical assistance. Check that there is still packaging material in the imaging unit. Remove the toner cartridge and then the imaging unit. Check that the packaging material has been removed correctly from the imaging unit. Do not expose the imaging units to light for more than ten minutes. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause print quality problems. Shake the imaging unit firmly. Reinstall the imaging unit and then the cartridge. Resend the print job.
Typical steps to take during the problem
Paper jams, running ink, and blurry colors are just some of the complaints that customers frequently show when they try to print family photographs or documents for work or college. Blank pages are another common problem that has a large number of causes.
Step 1 – Make sure the HP printer device is correctly installed and updated. If your device’s program has been corrupted, it may cause printer problems. Visit the help page of the HP device on its website to download the latest updates. Also, check again that the printer is correctly connected to your computer, especially if you are using a wireless device.
Step 2 –Check the ink and toner levels of your HP printer. If these are too low, they can cause the printer to stop printing correctly. Most devices display ink levels on a panel on the same printer or on the screen of the computer to which it is connected. Check the user guide if you are not sure how to check the ink levels of your device.
Step 3 – It is time to install the premium HP cartridges properly. Make sure they fit perfectly and have removed the protective tab. Also, check that any new round is free of dust and dirt, particularly around the print head.
Step 4 –Use good quality paper and make sure it is loaded correctly in the printer. If your paper is of an incorrect grade or is damaged, your printer may reject it. This problem may occur if the document is not correctly placed in the device.
Step 5 –Remove any white pages from the document you are printing. The problem may not be with your printer. And the white page may have been included in the file you are trying to print. Recheck the data before printing them.
Step 6 –Check the print settings of the device and make sure it has not been set for blank pages. The method to check varies depending on the device you are using. You can access the Windows-based print settings by selecting the “Devices and Printers” option in the “Control Panel” of the “Start” button.
Didn’t the Paper Jam?
Another reason why HP printer prints blank pages is the paper jam. The printer does not print when it picks up several sheets of paper at a time, especially if it is older. If a paper jam is occurring, carefully pull the leaves out. At that time, it may make some noise. After that, when you try to print, it may give you one or two blank pages. Have you tried printing an image on photo paper? Well, know that one side of this sheet does not absorb the ink. That is, placing the foil facing the wrong side is a guaranteed problem. If this happens, try to cancel printing.
So now that you know most of the reasons why is my HP printer not printing, we hope that you will be able to solve it quickly. For any assistance, don’t forget to call a professional.

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