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Canon is a developing organization, and it is increasing its business in electronics; it produces a variety of different products per year, including computer printers. These cannon computers easily connect to your computer systems via standard USB data cable to print any document that you give it to print.
Canon Printer Not Printing” is a standard error in canon printers.
“Canon PrinterNot Printing” Issue | Causes & Fixes

USB Cable Connection
Be assured that the USB cable connection between the Canon Printer and the Computer system is established correctly.
If the USB data cable is not correctly connected either on the Canon Printer or the Computer system, this causes to unreachable print request to the Canon Printer.

Shortage of Sheets

Make sure that the paper tray of the Canon Printer is not empty.
If the paper tray of the Canon Printer is empty or there are only a few sheets is available, so the Canon Printer is unable to print the document. Fill the paper tray and then again try to print the document.

Permission to Canon Printer

Open any document which you want to print. After opening that document, select the “Print” option. Select the “Canon Printer” in the “Printer Selection” option.
The Canon Printer will not receive the print request if the Canon Printer is not selected as a “Go-To Printer.”
Install the Updated Drivers for Canon Printer
You can use a primary driver that is default in Canon CD/DVD, which came with the packaging. Insert the CD/DVD into the computer system and follow the on-screen instructions or installation wizard for completing the installation process.
But it is advised to visit the official site of Canon to download the latest version of the driver for a Canon Printer.
Without the drivers, a computer system can’t send a print request to a Canon Printer and vice versa.
 Install Ink Cartridges before an Old One Runs Dry
As a Canon Printer is unable to print the documents if the cartridges are running out of ink, so make sure to replace the running out of ink cartridge to a new one.

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