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The Epson printer is a good printing brand. It is effective and easy to use. The customer support given by this brand is also of a very high quality with the customer service executives being very responsive in case of any errors. Epson printers also produce printers to meet the needs of different kinds of customers, they cater to a wide range of them. Their printers range across a large sector and work for offices, professional areas by doing scanning, printing, copying.
It is to be noted that even in the best of printers, like the Epson printer, there can sometimes arise some error due to malfunction. This is a rather common problem among even the most high quality printing devices. While this problem can be solved very simply by following steps and can be done by the users of the Epson printer themselves. Sometimes the issue might require a little more technical understanding and could be a problem relating to the hardware or the software of the printer. In these cases, there are a number of helpline numbers available of the Epson printer customer service executives which can be contacted in case of any emergency or error relating to the printing services. This will then be fixed by the customer services.
The Epson printer error code 031008 is a common problem which is sometimes seen in the device and is not a reason for the user to worry. It can be fixed in a simple manner by following the steps given below. If there is some issue after this as well, then go over the steps again to see if you have missed anything.
1. The problem could be arising due to non-cleaning of the printer. A lot of times Epson printer error code 031008 is shown when the machine has become dusty because of usage over a long period of time. It is important to keep the printer in a clean, cool space away from sunlight and keep cleaning it at regular intervals to ensure good working by the machine as well.
2. The Epson printer error code 031008 could be showing because of lack of ink in the cartridge as well. Make sure that the ink is refilled before the printer starts printing in lighter shades which usually indicates that the ink amount is running low. This is when you know that the ink cartridge needs to be changed and ensure it is done as well.
3. If a Epson printer error code 031008 is showing then you could try switching off your printer and all the other connected devices and connect them to the Epson printer once again.
4. The Epson printer error code 031008 could also be showing because of an excess printer logjam error. A printer logjam is caused when the printing tray is not printing due to excess papers, lack of papers which fit in the printing tray and a lot of other reasons. There could also be a Epson printer error code 031008 due to there being no paper in the printing tray as well.
5. Make sure that the printing queue is emptied and then clear all the printing tasks which are to be done by the Epson printer and then check if the error code is still being displayed.
6. Ensure all the wires and cables are connected to the printer as well if it is displaying Epson printer error code 031008.
7. Another thing you could do is see if your internet is working properly, along with your router and other devices.

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