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Chang T. MarilynChang T. Marilyn answered 1 year ago

Epson printers are made to suit most customers’ needs. They cater to a large number of people and are made to be available in different price ranges with varied settings as well. However a common problem which is experienced by good printers like the Epson printer is sometimes it shows printer error E01. It is important to first understand why this problem is being caused and then try to fix it. However since it is a common error which happens in Epson printers, then it is not a cause for worry as it can be fixed by the users themselves. Make sure to follow the steps given below properly to make sure that the Epson printer error has been fixed.
The Epson printer error E01 is a problem which is usually displayed when the printer has not cleared its self test. This is a problem which can prove to be a menace and needs to be fixed. There could be a number of reasons because of which this could be happening. First thing we have to identify the reason behind why the Epson printer error E01 is showing and only then can we fix it.
There could be a problem in the printer driver software of the Epson printer causing the error, there could be an issue relating to the printer spooler, the wires and cables could be connected in an incorrect manner causing the Epson printer error E01 showing on your printer. There could also be larger hardware and software related problems causing the Epson printer error to show.
However this can be fixed in a few simple steps given below:
1. Connection
Make sure that your printer is connected to the internet, ensure that your internet connection is working and functioning well. Along with this, also check whether the printer and computer are connected to the power source plug in as well.
Also ensure that the wires and cables connecting to your Epson printer are in place.
2. Clean the printer
Your printer has to be placed in a cool and clean area, its spoolers need to be cleaned regularly. The printer has to also be changed with the ink cartridge in case it is empty to make sure it is working properly.
3. Printer driver software
Ensure you update the printer driver as well, or you could also try reinstalling the software entirely and then switching on the printer and computer once again before using the printer. Sometimes when the latest updates have not been downloaded, the software does not function properly.

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