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The HP Envy printer is an all-in-one versatile device. It produces good quality prints of a very affordable price too. HP is also known to be a very reliable brand among printers itself since many years.
The benefit of wireless printers is also the fact that they are very easy to use. They can be connected to many devices and function easily.
This also becomes very convenient for office users, as the extra hassle of wires and cables does not exist.
There could however, sometimes arise some errors even in the case of HP printers, but these can be fixed easily. Usually, tech support is available in most cases where even the smallest of glitches arises.
For starters, if in case of issues the customer support of HP printers can be contacted to take care of the problem. However there are other cases where the problem can be addressed by the person themselves if they try to fix it.
This is listing situations on how one should respond when their HP printer shows offline in Windows 10. Although it should be noted that this is not an exhaustive list and customer support can be contacted at any point of time.
• What can one do if the HP wireless printer shows offline in Windows 10?
1. Print pause method
Go to the Control Panel button on your computer. Then from here, head over to Devices and Printers. When you click on this and check what is printing, you will also have to check whether the pause button has been ticked. If it has, then disable the pause button.
Try to take a printout and gauge if it is working properly now.
However, once you disable the pause button then the error message will not show and the printer might start functioning properly against.

2. Fixing the printer driver
You will have to go into the Device Manager option in your computer. When you see the name and model of your printer there, click on uninstall.
Then once you refresh your device manager, the printer category will appear again. Once this process is followed, check once again whether the printer is still displaying an offline sign.

3. Print Spooling
Head over to the Services option on your computer. Then within this you will find the print spooling option.
Select properties from this list. In one of the last options, you will see Automatic. Now click on this. Then finally on the button which shows the status of your service, enable it. Then to start the service, click on the Ok and Apply buttons.
This should more or less fix the problem of your printer appearing offline.
4. Manually updating your driver
Go to device managers on your computer and the option of printer within it. Once you click on your printer and model, then you can choose the option of manually installing a driver.
From the list that appears, click on the options for manually available drivers and then update accordingly.

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