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steven salvatoresteven salvatore answered 12 months ago

Antivirus is an essential component of any device. Its need has been stressed time and again
due to a number of reasons:

• it ensures that virus and malware is kept at bay from your device
• thus ensuring smooth functioning of your device
• this will also not cause unexpected crashes on your device
• Antivirus makes sure you do not install corrupted softwares or programs on your device either
• Largely, it contributes in a lot of affirmative ways
Norton Antivirus is one of the best in the market as an option today. You will find it compatible
with most devices as well. This is also the reason why it is preferred by many people.
1. The crashing of Norton is less occurring but not an anomaly as antivirus can also sometimes
crash. In this case your first instinct should be to head over to the official website of the antivirus
and make sure you create a backup of your folders and data which is needed.
2. This is essential as one cannot predict the amount of corrupted software which comes along
with a non functioning antivirus. The good thing however is that you can fix these files.
3. Now you must enter your credentials on the website and glance over whether or not your
subscription of Norton persists. It is recommended to routinely check over all these things and
see if they are in place. Do not wait for a situation like antivirus crash to download updates.
4. What has to be done now onward is that once your subscription is checked, you have the
option of either manually checking and removing each corrupted file.
5. Or else the other thing which can be done here is that you can uninstall the antivirus software
and ensure you follow the same process to download it again.

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