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robert markrobert mark answered 12 months ago

The Linksys Wi-Fi extender is simple to set up. The process to do this has been given in detail below for you to follow. Ensure you look at all the steps and go over them properly as well. This is important as the setup process needs to be intricately followed to the last detail. Certain problems also arise if you do not do the setup of the Linksys Wi-Fi extender properly as your internet will not function as well as it should, leading to more issues.
Thus, look at the following steps to avoid any such issues:

  1. The process to do this manually first involves making sure you have the name of the router and the SSID or the passcodes which are required for this purpose.
  2. There might also be network password keys which you probably require for the same purpose. Make sure you have these handy as well.
  3. Switch on your wi-fi extender by clicking on the button which is located on the top. Once you have done this, a light starts blinking here and you can continue with the process once the blinking is over.
  4. Make sure that your computer has been connected or joined to the Linksys Wi-Fi extender with the help of a wire or any other connector for the same purpose.
  5. You have to now go to the IP address of your router and enter the login details etc. which had been collected at the beginning of the article. Make sure to keep them handy.
  6. Once you go over to the wireless button you will be asked to type in the details of your information into the system. Make sure you do this accurately.
  7. Once the light gets stable and stops flickering then you know that the connection has been established, and to this end you can go ahead and unplug the system router with the cable which you has used to connect it to the device.
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