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august walkeraugust walker answered 1 year ago

The Canon Pixma IP2820 printer is very well known for its features. Along with this the Canon
company itself is a respected brand which customers have come to trust in terms of the
products it delivers.
It is known for its features such as the auto power which enables this device to switch on
immediately in times of urgency and get to the task of printing etc. This is something which is of
immense help to people in offices and personal spaces as it saves up on a lot of time as well.
The first thing that a person usually does after they purchase a printer is to make sure to
complete the setup process of the printer.
Along with most other printers of Canon which are available, the process to setup the Canon
Pixma IP2820 printer is a rather simple one and can be done by most people. You only have to
follow a few simple steps to do this. It can be followed by most users themselves as it is rather
lucid to stick to it.
1. Keep the Canon Pixma IP2820 printer in a dry cool area which is also close to the WiFi or
internet router.
2. Make sure you connect the printer to the device with the help of the USB cable or by any other
means which is available.
3. You have to click the setup button on your printer and select that option.
4. From there you have to select the wireless LAN option and then click on OK.
5. Click on the screen and select the option for the wireless LAN setup process.
6. The wireless LAN setup process will begin and then you have to wait for some time until this
is completed.
7. Make sure you go over all the steps in case you have missed anything.
8. For larger errors you can always contact the customer helpline digits which are available on
the web as well.
9. The printing quality results of this printer make it one device which is very worthy of investing
in it . And it is also affordable for the kind of printing quality that it gives out.
10.After all the instructions are followed, your printer can start printing.

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