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ethan jurkethan jurk answered 1 year ago

Connecting ones printer to the WiFi network has nowadays developed many benefits. Some of them being the fact that printing has become much faster, it has also facilitated use of a larger number of devices to do the printing work. Another advantage to this is the fact that you can easily use the printer without a lot of hassle which came with pre-wireless printers. Most of the good printers available in the market today are wireless printers which operate on WiFi.
However to use this you have to first learn how to setup the printer on a WiFi network and make sure you use it properly. This is important to do properly because a lot of issues can be caused in the process of using the printer if it has not been connected to the WiFi properly.
1. The foremost task to do when you have to make a printer available on a WiFi network is that you make sure to first check if the printer has been set up properly.
2. This means that when you get the printer, it will usually have a setup process for the hardware.And you have to ensure it is put together properly. This is also to make sure that the printer does not malfunction later.
3. However first you setup the printer and then you move on to setting up a WiFi network for the printer.
4. After the basic setup has been done, you have to make sure that there are some different ways in which printers address connection to WiFi.
5. One of this could be that some printers itself display the connection to a WiFi right when the WiFi network is available and a printer has been setup. However for others you have to manually enable it.
6. For this make sure you go to the drivers and printer software option within the control panel of the device and then enable and pick the name of the printing device from there.
7. Make sure you select the correct printer device from the options. And then once it is connected, you can do a few sample printing rounds to see if the WiFi has been connected and the printer is working.

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