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The advancement of the internet and other softwares has led to a large amount of development in the way that machines are working. This has in turn also helped us in the way that we function. This is to make sure that the progress in science keeps happening and bringing us the much needed changes to our lives which we need.
However sometimes the development can also bring about certain amount of issues. Say for instance, with the rise in use of computers and internet for financial transactions, this also led to a rise in the use of cyber crimes which was something that people were not aware of earlier at all. This development was coming as a new facet to the boon that was technology.
There are two sides to each thing. Development brought about some bad things as well. For instance, nowadays the question of privacy has become a serious issue worldwide. There is a lot of usage of a lot of platforms to conduct spy operations on people and other things. This spyware can sometimes come into your own computers and devices and cause these spying issues. This is a serious hazard to the privacy of people and needs to be fixed very fast.
There are a number of things which can however be done to fix this problem which people are facing nowadays. It is not a very difficult issue to resolve. You can also do this with the help of a product called as the HP support assistant. This will usually help you in the process of locating spyware.
It is installed or can be installed in the devices. Keep a lookout for your notifications on the devices also, they usually tell you if anything new has been installed onto the computer or laptop or other devices.
Spyware can come into your device in a number of ways. Some of this can be through downloading unwanted material. Keep a tab on the kind of sites from which you are downloading content onto your device as well.
There are a number of ways in which you can detect and remove spyware as well. This article will highlight how you can do this process through the use and activation of the windows defender. Make sure to follow the steps in a proper manner and look at all the steps in detail before you make the required changes on your devices.
It is very simple to follow for people and makes for an easy use for the users as well.
• How to remove the spyware through activation of the windows defender?
1. When you try to use the HP support assistant, it uses the windows defender to make sure your device is spyware protected.
2. First you have to go to the option of your search bar in your device itself. Now over here, ensure you type in the name windows defender in the search box.
3. Once you have done this, then, click on the windows defender.
4. Once you click on this, then the software of windows defender opens and now you can work on it as well.
5. When you have reactivated it, then you will get the message that the software has been activated on your computer. You will also get the notification for this on your device.
6. Make sure that while you are doing this, the option of message in real time has been enabled on your device in the process of doing this. This is important.
7. After all this has been done, then go over to the option which lets you do the scan of your computer. Conduct a full-fledged scan properly.
8. From here you can remove the spyware or the spy related software which may have been on your device too.

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