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Troubleshooting Procedure to Reset your D-Link Wireless Router
Whenever you forget your router’s username or password, then it is useful to reset your D-Link Wireless Router. Resetting a router also leads to clear all properties and existing settings of the router. It becomes too difficult to update the security settings of a router without having a username and password, so, reset your router to resolve this issue.
Note: After resetting your D-Link Wireless Router, it will get back to its default home networking settings.
• Ensure that your router is plugged into a power socket and Turned on.
• Look at the back of your router; you will see the Reset button next to Power LED.
• Press and hold the Reset button for 10 seconds using the sharp-pointed end of a paper clip.
• Your router will nearly take 15 seconds to reset completely. Your router will automatically reboot itself.
• Now, your router is successfully reset and restored to its default home network settings. WLAN light placed at the front of your router stops blinking. You need to select your router’s default username and enter the default password in your device to connect it to the router.
Re-Configure your D-Link Wireless Router
Internet Service Provider (ISP) of D-Link allows its users to change the default username and password of the D-Link Wireless Router. ISP provides an IP address to re-configure the preferences if you reset your router.
• Open your web browser and enter in the search bar.
• Select Admin in the drop-down button, and then enter the default username and password of your D-Link router.
• Click on the “Setup” accessible in the top menu after getting access to the Web Configuration Screen.
• Select the “Wireless Settings” option available on the left side of the webpage.
• Click on the “Manual Wireless Connection Setup” button.
• Go to the “Pre-Shared Key” field. If you don’t find it, then select the “Security” mode in the drop-down menu accessible at the bottom of the screen.
• Now, type a new password.
• To save the changes, click on the Save button.

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