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A good way to make sure that important documents or files are kept properly and for longer periods of times is to make sure that you scan them and store them. Usually it’s easy to use the already built in software within devices to do the scanning process.
Most printers usually come in with built in software to ensure that scanning process could also be completed with the help of these printers. It depends varying on printer to printer whether the device will support the scanning or not. However if the particular software required for the purpose if scanning has not been provided in the printer in built manner on its own then you can also use some software on the Windows 10 for the purpose of conducting a scan. There are two different kinds of ways that this can be done.
The first thing you need to is to make sure you have the app called as Windows Scan to do the scanning process on Windows 10.
• Check whether you have the Windows Scan App installed on your computer
1. To do this you have to go to the start button of your computer and then go to the option which says All apps.
2. Click on this option to view all the apps which have been installed on the computer. If you have the app, it will be visible in the list of apps presented in front of you. If it is not then you need to proceed to download the Windows Scan app.

• Download the Windows scan app
1. This will have to be done on the Microsoft Store online.
2. Once you type in Microsoft Store on your computer’s search option, it will show in front of you.
3. Type in the name of the Microsoft Scan app which you need to download and then click on the option Get.
4. Once you click on this then the app will start to download on your computer on it’s own. Only once the app has completely downloaded properly then you can start using the app to scan documents.
5. If any issue arises in this process then you need to go over the above given processes once again to see if you have missed any particular step in the process of downloading Microsoft Scan.

• How to use the Microsoft Scan app?
1. After all the downloading has been done then you need to proceed to using the Scan app to scan documents on your computer.
2. First you have to make sure that your printer device is connected to your computer. Then also make sure that the scanner is also connected properly.
3. Make sure that the scanner is also setup properly and everything is connected. After this you have to head over to the Menu option of the Microsoft scanner app.
4. Select the file that you want to scan from the option available in the Microsoft scanner app.
5. The app will also give you an option to make sure you alter the function of printing, or how the document appears, or even change the color, text etc. of the document which is set up for printing. If you do not alter it to meet your requirements then the document will be printed the way that it is.
6. Once this is done then you can click on the scan option on the Microsoft app and proceed to scan it.
7. Click on where you want to save the scanned document, if it saves on default in either the download folder or the pictures folder. It is also important to make sure that you scanner is capable of working properly with the Microsoft Scan app.

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