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Chang T. MarilynChang T. Marilyn answered 1 year ago

Using HP Photosmart Printer is a simple process which is also what makes the printer rather appealing to people for usage. It can connect to a number of devices including Mac device too. The Scan option provided by it is used for making things very convenient for printing, scanning and other work.

The steps for scan from your HP Photosmart Printer to your Mac have been given below. Make sure you follow all of them properly and adhere to it. The steps have been outlined in a good amount of detail:
1. First thing you have to do is to make sure that your HP Photosmart Printer is switched on, and the power source is connected.
2. Now make sure that you connect your HP Photosmart Printer to the Mac computer with the help of a USB cable. The connection should be setup for the process to take place. So ensure that you do this first.
3. Go to the finder option which is there on your Mac device and click on the application option within it and open it.
4. You have to now open the HP easy scan option and then click on it. Make sure that you click on the check for updates within this.
5. If this does not view on the screen then you will have to make sure you download the HP easy scan and then move on to the other steps given.
6. The drop down menu will be given in front of you and now what you have to do from among these options is to find and select your printer which will be there.
7. Make sure to connect the HP Photosmart Printer and then click on the OK option.
8. Now you will also get the option to change a lot of the settings according to how you would like to use it.
9. Select the scan preferences and then make sure you click on OK before you proceed.
10. Check your system preferences as well and adjust it to suit your particular needs. Do a few sample scans on your devices to check if the HP Photosmart Printer and the Mac connection are working properly.

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