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Download and Update your Garmin GPS Map Updates
Garmin is one of the most popular manufacturing satellite navigation and organization of GPS products. If you are a Garmin GPS user and want to run your application smoothly with newly added features in the application to get correct instructions about your destination.
It is essential to keep updated your Garmin GPS Map Updates as the Global Positioning System (GPS) unit in your Vehicle shows your accurate position using GPS satellites and compares your live location to the stored maps to find out nearby places such as restaurants, rivers, and roads. Through updated maps, you get correct instructions to reach your destination, but if your maps are outdated, you could get wrong instructions about the destination, such as a wrong call for a turn where nothing exists or inefficient routes. You can download free or paid Garmin GPS map updates to ensure accurate instructions on your Garmin GPS device.
Steps to Update Garmin GPS Map Updates
• Make sure to connect your Garmin device to your computer via USB cable.
• Go to the official site of Garmin and visit the Garmin’s Find Map Updates webpage.
• Go to the “Automotive” section and select the Download Map Updater option.
Note: The download button will not appear if your device is not eligible for free map updates.
• Locate the downloaded file and double-click on the Garmin Map Updater to install it in your computer.

Note: Make sure to update the Microsoft .NET Framework before installing Garmin Map Updater.
• When the application is installed, then click on the Search for device option. Carefully read the disclaimer and click Continue, when your Garmin device is recognized.
• When the application prompts a pop-up saying that “A free map update is available,” “A map update is available,” or “Maps Lifetime update is available,” then click on the Continue button. If your device is not eligible for free updates, then you can purchase one.
Note: If you see a pop-up prompting that “Your maps are up to date,” it means that no update is available for your Garmin device.
• Click on the Continue button whenever a pop-up prompts saying that “Ready to update your maps.” If your Garmin device is running on low space in order to install the map updates, then you will be guided by animated instructions and sound to release space.
• Downloading and installing the updates can take multiple hours to complete, so leave your Garmin device plugged into the computer.
Garmin GPS Map Update Essential Tips
• Garmin devices are eligible for free lifetime map updates whose model names start with LM, LT, or LMT.
• You can purchase Garmin Map Updates for your Garmin device through the Garmin Updating Application or by Garmin Update Site.
• By paying an additional fee on the Garmin site, you can buy a lifetime map updates subscription for your Garmin device.
• Whenever the first time you connect your Garmin device to a satellite, then your Garmin device becomes eligible for a free update within 90 days.
• Ensure not to program your Garmin GPS device while driving for the safety of you and everyone on the road.

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