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logan Smithlogan Smith answered 8 months ago

A problem which keeps arising when you are using laptops and computers is that certain parts might not work or function at their finest at every given point of time. This is similar for laptops, including Lenovo laptops, as a lot of users have had this issue where the laptop camera which is attached onto the device does not work properly and needs to be fixed. This is a common issue, so should not be a reason to worry for you, and you can try the few things which are highlighted below to make sure you do your bit in remedying them:

  1. Firstly one must understand the things due to which the Lenovo laptop might not be working. It is because of these things the issue is being caused, so you have to find out and locate the problem so that you can continue to then fix it at your will.
  2. The easiest thing which one can do in these situations is first go to the control settings and device manager of your Lenovo laptop and then go into the option which says webcam, just to check if it has been disabled by someone or by mistake. When this happens, your camera will not work. So try to start out by doing this.
  3. There is a software which goes behind the usage of the camera as a system for your laptop. You can always go into the settings and then proceed to uninstall this software, and go to download it all over again. Make sure you check any new software for virus or associated malware which comes along with it. This is a novel solution and has helped some people too.
  4. Sometimes you also have to grant special access to some apps which are able to access your camera. Make sure that you go into settings and give it the necessary permissions required to access your camera settings.
  5. Now along with this there is also a software called the camera driver, which is something that could be non-functioning as well. Leading to the overall bad output from the laptop entirely. You can make sure you uninstall this camera driver and then move on to downloading it again. Check perhaps if there are any updates which are available for you to download.
  6. A basic access should be allowed into any apps etc. which are trying to do so in the laptop itself. say for instance, go to settings and check if the camera is enabled for the app which you are using, as the settings and options vary depending on the app itself too.
  7. Sometimes it could be working for say one app, but may have been disabled in the settings for the other apps. This is something you should bear in mind and make sure that you remedy whenever you possibly can. It causes larger hindrances in the functioning of the laptop otherwise.
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