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ethan jurkethan jurk asked 10 months ago
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august walkeraugust walker answered 9 months ago
  • What happens when this error occurs?
  1. In most cases, this is an error which occurs when you are either switching on your system or are trying to boot the device which you have. Then this problem has usually occurred.
  2. And in both these cases, when you give the command to go ahead with the directions on the screen, you will not be able to do so.
  3. What will be displayed on the screen is that no bootable devices are found or are not being able to be found. This is what happens when you have this particular error happening on your Dell Device.
  4. However, this being an issue which has happened earlier to a lot of other users of Dell too, so do not worry as it is not a cause of concern for you. You can make sure you do some things on your own to help the situation too.
  • How can you fix this particular problem?
  1. Sometimes in cases of more grave issues, the larger issue could be related to another problem as well. A lot of people have complained of it being a hard drive issue when it happens. So you might want to get the hard drive checked by people. It probably needs to be inspected.
  2. One can also try to make sure that they change the boot mode a couple of times. Start out by trying to do a complete scan of the hardware and if there are any visible external issues which are happening.
  3. Among a lot of things which people have suggested in the blogs is also that some people have been able to fix this issue by downloading and reinstalling the operating system once again. One can do this by making sure they get an original copy of the OS.
  4. If this is not something which you are willing to do, then another thing you can do is check your OS in a proper manner by making sure that it is not corrupted in any manner. It will help the functioning better. And a lot of issues have been traced back to this physical problem itself.
  5. A virus or malware could have been the problem due to which this is happening as well. To prevent such things make sure to invest in a good anti-virus software or you could get your computer tested for malware too. This will largely address the problem at hand and save you trouble too. Even if this is not the main issue, ensure you get virus checks for your device on a regular basis anyway.

Some people have also recommended launching startup repair to locate and zero in on the exact problem at hand, and then proceed to resolve it. Sometimes the boot order is wrong and this also leads to the Dell device showing that no bootable devices are being found upon scanning by the people.

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