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ethan jurkethan jurk asked 1 year ago
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logan Smithlogan Smith answered 1 year ago

The built in camera in the HP laptops is a very useful addition to the device. It has made the HP laptop a more practical, efficient product in the market too. The HP laptop camera is also a convenient part of the laptop which makes distant interaction in this day and age a lot easier.
As more things are moving to the virtual, the HP laptop camera additional has also become an essential thing on most HP laptop devices. One cannot envision an HP laptop without this device.
There is however this problem that the HP laptop camera is facing sometimes, that it stops working. This is though a regular problem which can be remedied as well. All you have to do is ensure you follow the processes given below to see if your HP laptop camera is not working.
1. One of the first things which can be done in the case of HP laptop camera not working is that check if the hardware of the laptop is in place.
2. Also ensure you keep updating the software of the webcam regularly. Sometimes due to this unupdated versions, the HP laptop camera is not working.
3. Sometimes the antivirus software in the course of usage, does not include the HP laptop camera as one of the apps which are allowed to run.
4. Make sure you go to the settings of the antivirus and change this setting.
5. Go over the settings and requirements on your settings of the HP laptop and make sure that the HP Laptop camera has been enabled in the options over there and not disabled.
6. Make sure your webcam app is also selected as one for usage in the use of the other apps like Zoom, Skype and others. Grant the apps access to the webcam by changing the settings in the app.
7. Another thing which can be done when the HP Laptop Camera is not working is that you can uninstall the camera software on your device and install it again. Or disable the software and then enable it again.
8. You might also need to update or alter the webcam driver. This could be causing issues for your HP laptop camera not working.

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