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The HP laptop has one of the best speaker and sound systems available out there in the laptop range. The HP laptop is also available at a price range which is affordable for a device which is one of the better ones in the market today.
However minor problems can arise even with the best of devices nowadays. Of these problems one of them is when the HP laptop speaker is crackling. This is not a serious problem and can even be fixed by the user if they make sure certain guidelines are followed. It is important to note that in case of any larger error, or even if this problem is not able to be fixed then you can always look for fixing guides online and follow them.
Along with this, you should also be able to look for some customer helpline numbers online to help you fix the HP laptop speaker crackling as well. There are a number of customer executive dials given on the website of HP laptops too, which can be looked at to make sure that the HP laptop speaker crackling is fixed by the user through simple steps.
You can also contact the local HP dealerships in your area to help you with this problem. The good thing about these is that they visit you in your home to fix your HP laptop speaker crackling and you do not need to call for any other external help to fix your HP laptop speaker crackling.
First, to fix the HP laptop speaker crackling you have to find out the reason behind why this problem is happening. This will make it easier to fix it and then you can also be more specific about the issue which is causing the speaker crackling.
Reasons behind why your HP laptop speaker crackling is happening
1. Check for damaged wires and cables
2. Ensure you make sure that the hardware on your device is working properly as well
3. Keep looking out for updates on your computer which show you notifications of what updates are needed on your device. Make sure you download the updates and keep your software as well as your laptop updated with the latest downloads.
• How to fix your HP laptop speaker crackling issue
1. Make sure you check your audio format.
2. Run the troubleshooter to find out if there is any audio issue which is happening in your device. This will take some time to load but it will give you the issue because of which the HP laptop speaker is crackling and help to fix it.
3. Another thing you can do is that make sure you update your audio drivers as well. Go to the device manager on your computer and then from there you can update your auto driver. Once this is done, then make sure you switch off your laptop and then switch it on again. Only then should you proceed to use your HP laptop. This usually fixes the HP laptop speaker crackling issue.
4. You also have to make sure that you disable all the sound enhancements on your device. For this you have to make sure you go to the speaker properties on your computer and then disable the sound system enhancements from this option.

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