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ethan jurkethan jurk answered 2 years ago

When one talks about their anti-virus system not working, it could be because of several reasons. In some cases, the AVG anti-virus may not be functional or the system may have caught a virus.
• Why is the AVG antivirus not working?
1. If your computer has caught some virus etc. then the AVG antivirus stops functioning properly. This is when it is functioning in a Windows device.
2. For this you will also have to restart your computer and to proceed further after putting your computer on safe mode.
3. After this you have to go into the Settings option of your computer and go into PC Settings from there. Then a dialogue box appears in which you have to go to the update and recovery options which show one after another.
4. Now you will get a box in which you have to pick the option to restart the computer.
5. Once the restarting of the computer is done, make sure you click on the network which allows for safe mode function.
6. After this you need to choose the preferences of antivirus options which show up in the AVG antivirus.
7. Now you have to make sure that you click on the buttons which allow scanning to start.
8. If some issues arise out of the process, this will be sent to the AVG antivirus scanner.
9. After this, once you restart the computer then the default settings will be activated and then you can log in into your operating system normally.
• Other options to fix your AVG Antivirus if the other options do not work adequately
1. This can also be used in cases where the settings on the antivirus are disabled and are leading to its malfunction.
2. For starters, you can try and shut down your computer, then start it again.
3. After this, try and start AVG again, but this time use an updated version of the AVG.
4. Note that it is important to first install the updated version of AVG and then restart your computer again.
• Troubleshooting AVG
1. For this, one will have to first uninstall AVG and then install it again.
2. It may take a while to uninstall it. You need to follow this if using the updated version of AVG does not work.
3. Install the AVG antivirus again and then check for whether it is working or not.

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