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august walkeraugust walker answered 2 years ago

Windows 10 is a good operating system which is used by a lot of people across the world. It is also recommended by a lot of people. However sometimes there are some issues which are displayed on the computer screen which is showing black after computer Startup.
This is not an uncommon problem and can also be fixed by taking some simple steps for this purpose. There is usually some sort of hardware issue which is causing display of black screen on Windows 10.
It is a rather common problem and some steps to fix this is given below.
In case of larger issues one can also contact the helpline to sort this problem or a lot of customer service executives can also be called to fix the problem of computer screen showing black after computer startup.

  • How to fix computer screen which is black after computer startup?
  1. You have to make sure that you let the computer screen remain for a period of time and if your hardware is good enough then it could take lesser time than usual.
  2. What you could also try doing is switching off the computer by pressing the power button for a period of time to make sure that it shuts down on its own. You could also remove any other devices which the computer is plugged into and then try to switch on the device once again.
  3. Another possible solution to a computer screen displaying black screen is to check if all the connections are connected to your computer properly. Make sure your device has all the required plug ins.
  4. So if you are restarting your computer, make sure that you do it and start the computer only on a safe mode and then locate exactly where the problem relating to your computer is.
  5. Among other solutions to fix a black screen being displayed on the computer screen could also be the fact that the video driver is not functioning properly. You can try installing the video driver once again to ensure proper functioning of your device and removing the black screen from there.
  6. You could also try using another temporary monitor to fix this problem. This will also help tell you whether the computer hardware is having a problem in its functioning or it is another part of the computer which is causing errors.
  7. It is recommend and important to note that before you find a solution, you will have to find out exactly what the problem with the computer is which is why it is displaying a black screen on the computer.
  8. Once the problem is identified then it will be even easier to fix it.
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