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sammer marksammer mark answered 1 year ago

An antivirus is very important in any device. This makes sure that your device remains protected, and should be installed in every device. There will be a lot of malware and unwanted downloads which will happen on your device if you do not have an antivirus installed. It protects against all of this. At any given point of time, you have to make sure your antivirus software is working.
However sometimes it may happen that your AVG antivirus may not work properly as required. In this case, you have to ensure you fix this problem very soon because it will harm your device otherwise. And there are certain things that you can do to make sure that your AVG antivirus starts working once again. These are some simple steps which can be followed by the users themselves, and do not require external help.

Make sure you follow these steps properly, and in case of problems look at the steps in order again.
1. Ensure you do not have more than one antivirus software installed on your device. Sometimes this cause one of them to not function properly. Make sure you uninstall one of them and this will make sure the AVG antivirus software is working properly again.
2. Remove any apps which may be causing an issue in the functioning of your AVG antivirus. Keep on the lookout for updates on your computer to see if some apps are causing problems for the antivirus.
3. Another thing which could help in fixing the antivirus problem is to try and use your computer on the safe mode. Make sure that when you switch on your computer, you are operating it in safe mode. You could also try troubleshooting to see exactly what the problem is with your device and why the antivirus is not working properly.
4. You could look for a lot of FAQs relating to certain specific problems online as well. The customer issues are highlighted and problems related to your query are dealt with as well.
5. After all this is done then make sure you try an run your AVG antivirus to see if it works. You could also try scanning to see if there are any other issues with your PC which is causing your AVG antivirus to not work properly.
6. There is also another thing which could be done. You could try and switch off your device and then switch it on once again. Rebooting usually helps a lot of software malfunctions to function again.
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