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sammer marksammer mark answered 1 year ago

There can sometimes be a number of reasons why the apps on a device are running too slow.  This is a problem experienced by a lot of users and can be attempted to fix them too. Usually the cause is common for a lot of users.
The device can overall be working slow due to a number of reasons which are going to covered by the scope of this article. Make sure to go over all the steps and identify which problem is causing your applications to work very slow and also follow the steps given below to simply fix this issue.

  • Reboot

Usually, the slow working of the apps can be fixed when you restart the computer or device along with restarting all the applications as well. You could try doing this as the first thing you do because it is rather simple to follow and can be done with ease by any user. Make sure this is done first before any of the more complicated processes.

  • Antivirus or malware

If you have an antivirus or malware software then make sure you run these to find out what exactly is the reason behind the applications working too slow. There could be virus or malware which has infected the device and it will be easier to detect it with these softwares.

  • Remove extra files

Sometimes there could be long running extra files which are corrupting the system or leading to errors where the applications do not work fast and become very slow. These need to be removed. Check all the files and apps which are running on your device to ensure the ones which are not necessary have been shut down.

  • Free up space

If there is some programs installed or even apps which are not being used on the device make sure you remove them. Sometimes when the hard drive is full, it leads to causing the applications to become very slow and not work properly.

  • Driver software

You could also be having the apps being slow issue because of the software not having been updated. Make sure you do all the updates which are necessary on your device to make sure that it functions properly and that the applications are not too slow in working anymore.

  • Overheating

Sometimes the hardware or processors overheating becomes the reason behind the applications becoming too slow to use.

  • Aside from all this, there could be other additional issues like hardware and software issues which cause the applications to work very slow. Make sure you locate where the problem area is first and then try to fix
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