How to Troubleshoot My Acer Laptop USB Port?

How to Troubleshoot My Acer Laptop USB Port?

Troubleshoot My Acer Laptop USB Port

Universal Serial Bus ports, or commonly known as USB, is no less than a blessing for the computer world. It is perfect and one of the most convenient ways of transferring data and using external devices. A USB port is not limited to supporting a few devices, but it has the power to connect more than 127 peripheral devices to the computer system.

A USB port can be used for connecting anything right from a printer or scanner, to external storage devices like hard disk, various input devices like keyword or mouse, and even has the potential to connect your mobile phones to the computer system.

But what if it stops working?

If you own an Acer laptop, you might have already experienced this before or the chances are quite high that you can experience this issue in the  future. The internet is full of resolution methods given to the Acer laptop owners for fixing their USB port.

The reason for the USB port not working in your Acer laptop can be many. It includes:

  • Power surges
  • Driver software update needed
  • Device incompatibility

So, before fixing the issue with your Acer laptop USB port, you need to understand and diagnose the problem. There are a lot of tools provided to Windows users, both online as well as offline to manage the USB ports of their computer system.

If you are also an Acer laptop user and are looking for some easy yet effective ways to fix the USB port issues, then you have landed on the right page. This article is definitely for you where we are going to discuss the steps that need to be followed for the resolution of the USB port problem.

Steps to Troubleshoot My Acer Laptop USB Port

Step – 1

Try and plug your USB device into the multiple ports given on your computer. A reason for not supported or not working USB port can be the wrong choice of port. Not all USB ports are compatible with all kinds of devices. May be the one selected by you doesn’t support plug and play devices. Also, the possibility that you are trying out your high speed USB device to a low speed USB port. So, trying out the multiple ports given is the first method to try until your laptop recognizes the USB device and is ready.

Step – 2

Go to the Start Menu and click on the Control Panel, then Hardware and Sound and then hit the Device Manager tab. Now, you need to click on the arrow button given next to the Universal Serial Bus Controllers so that the tree will expand. Here, you can find all the problematic USB devices being highlighted by a yellow exclamation mark.

Step – 3

The next method to try for fixing the USB port on your Acer laptop is by right clicking the USB root hub and then hitting the Update Software Drivers to update the device drivers with the latest version to starting the smooth working of your USB devices. You need to repeat this same step for all the USB root hubs.

Step – 4

In this resolution method, you are required to right click on the USB root hub in the Device Manager. The next step is to click the Uninstall so as to remove the hardware drivers. In the cases of a power surge, refreshing the USB ports by uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers will make them work perfectly. Now, you have to repeat the same uninstallation process for all the devices given under USB controllers in Device Manager. Now, restart your Acer laptop, and let windows reinstall the USB port drivers automatically.

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